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Digital Tech Summit 2024 – AI Transforming Business

digital tech summit 2024

AI Transforming business

Digital Tech Summit 2024 er Nordens største deep tech messe og det årlige mødested for forskere fra landets universiteter og deres partnere fra dansk erhvervsliv.

Kunstig intelligens (AI) har allerede forandret store dele af vores industri og samfund. Mere end hver fjerde danske virksomhed bruger allerede nu AI til understøttelse af alt fra produktion og processtyring, it-sikkerhed, logistik, HR, salg og markedsføring.

Danske universiteter og forskningsinstitutioner er med på højeste internationale niveau, når det gælder at udvikle fremtidens produktionsteknologier med AI og at forske i, hvordan teknologien kan hjælpe med at løse nogle af samfundets største udfordringer. Anvendelsesområderne er næsten ubegrænsede og udviklingen går stærkt.

Konferencen er delt op i seks centrale temaer med AI som overligger:

  1. Smart energi
  2. Digital sundhed
  3. Smart produktion
  4. AI Boosters
  5. Digitalt forsvar
  6. AI etik

Intet af dette har nogen fremtid uden en stærk talentmasse. Med universiteterne som motor trækker vi så mange studerende til som muligt og sikrer at de får karriereråd og -vejledning og bliver matchet af de rigtige virksomheder til job, praktikpladser eller projekt-samarbejder.

Endelig har messen et stort startup-område, hvor early stage virksomheder præsenterer upcoming teknologier.


Danish Digitalization, Data Science and AI – D3A 2.0


Danish Digitalization, Data Science and AI – D3A 2.0

We are bringing together researchers, students, and professionals from a wide range of fields to share the latest research and insights, gain new knowledge, exchange ideas, and make valuable connections across geography, scientific domains, and sub-fields. 

D3A – Danish Digitalization, Data Science and AI 2.0 will bring together researchers, students, and professionals from a wide range of fields to share the latest research and insights, gain new knowledge, exchange ideas, and make valuable connections across geography, scientific domains, and sub-fields. 

D3A is a national conference hosted by Pioneer Centre for AI (P1), Danish Data Science Academy (DDSA) and DIREC. 

It is a scientific conference where the newest research and insights will be discussed. The aim is to grow the Danish digitalization, data science, and AI communities and strengthen the network for PhD students, postdocs, senior researchers, and professionals. We want to foster a collaborative and inclusive environment across Denmark. 


PhD School: Confronting Data through Design Methods – Speculating with Generative AI

phd school:

Confronting data through design methods

– Speculating with generative AI (GAI)

This course is aimed at PhD students, researching within the fields of Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Science- and Technology Studies (STS), Participatory Design (PD) & Critical Data Studies, but the course is open to PhD students from all areas of work- and design studies. The course is given as a mix of hands-on exercises with GenAI tools and lectures and seminars on speculative design and critical responses to GenAI interwoven throughout the 3-day course. In addition, the students engage in peer-feedback as part of the development of their essays, which focus on applying GenAI in relation to their own PhD project.

The course explores how we can use design methods to probe, construct, question, and critique different types of data. The goal of the course is that participants are introduced to both theoretical, concrete, and practical knowledge about different modes of doing research through design as well as gaining an overview of current debates regarding how data-driven technologies can be made ethical and responsible.

This year’s course focus on applying GenAI for data analysis within this area of research.

The rapid introduction of GAI into organizational work through formal digital transformation initiatives as well as informal adoption of freely available tools is quickly reconfiguring the conditions of collaborative organizing and the means through which we speculate futures labor and society. How do we approach, for example, which practices and skills we automate or retain as requiring human experience? What futures are rendered more realizable through AI-enhanced data analysis methods and techniques? How is this moment of GAI hype and increased accessibility impacting forms of expertise, authority, and accountability in data work?

While GAI is entering data work for its expediency and utility, it is not always held accountable as a method of speculation and design even as it shapes the methods and tools through which we develop future scenarios with and through data analysis. Adopting a design perspective, we will also attend to the people in each case who are the subjects of data and have a stake in design outcomes of working with large-scale data, accessible for them with GAI.

Participants will obtain concrete skills in designing participatory “scenario-based workshops” utilizing GenAI tools, including DALL-E and ChatGPT. Furthermore, the course is set up to facilitate discussions and to generate ideas relating to the participants own PhD projects.

Working hands-on with GAI in a speculative design and research through design approach, will enable participants to enter into debates over responsible use of AI and other data-driven technologies through concrete application of these tools. By applying speculative methods to consider future scenarios of organizing and collaborative work students will problematize and concretize opportunities for designing/using data-driven technologies ethically and responsibly in their own cases.

The course is offered as a collaboration between DIREC, ITU and UCPH.  


If any participants have any special needs in order to attend the course, they are kindly requested to contact the organizers and we will try to accommodate such needs.


In order to prepare for the course, the course participants need to:


Read the literature from the reading list prior to the course (the course curriculum will be distributed after enrollment in the course). Download free version of DALL-E and ChatGPT.

Submit their essays before May 15 2024 (2-4 pages) reflecting on the question: “How might combining methods from speculative design and GenAI help you think about your data in new ways? 

The readings and the essays are a way to reflect upon the topics prior to the course. The essays will also help us to identify participants interests/considerations prior to the course. Furthermore, this preparatory work aims to support their active participation throughout the course.

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Young Researcher Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

phd course

Young Researcher entrepreneurship bootcamp

Join this PhD-course to grow your entrepreneurial mindset and learn how that can benefit both your current research and future career.

The course specifically leverages AI, data science, and computer science in the service of societal and environmental challenges in for instance health-tech, green-tech, manufacturing, and business. The aim is to build entrepreneurial capacity and to increase the establishment of university-based startups.

Participants are not expected to bring their own startup ideas. Instead, you will be introduced to idea generation techniques to create your own concepts in teams during the course.

Target group: We welcome PhD students and Post-doctoral researchers from computer/data related disciplines with little to no business experience from any Danish university.

The programme

The themes for each of the four days are as follows:

May 27:  Entrepreneurial Mindset
May 28:  Design Thinking & Concept Development
May 29:  ML Ops & Venture Building
May 30:  Commercialization & Pitch Readiness
May 31:  Culminating Pitches & Looking Ahead

The programme is co-developed by AAU, DTU, DIREC and AI Pioneer Centre.

This year the course takes place in DTU Skylab and we recommend you to stay at Zleep Hotel Lyngby.

We look forward to seeing you at DTU Skylab.


AI Conference: Unleashing AI – One Byte at a Time

AI Conference

Unleashing AI

– One Byte at a Time

Join us for a day full of talks and hands-on sessions with data and AI experts from both academia and local businesses who explore how new data processes, machine learning, and AI can create value.


9.15-10.15: Welcome and keynote speaker

10.30-12.00: Breakout sessions
Participants can choose between three different workshops, featuring a prominent tech company

12.00-13.00: Lunch

13.00-14.30: Breakout sessions
Participants can choose between three different workshops, featuring a prominent tech company

14.30-16.00: Keynote speaker & networking

The event is co-hosted by DIREC, Destination Aarhus, and DI Digital


MatchPoints – Cybersecurity



How do we maintain trust in our digital society?

Internettet har over de sidste 50 år bragt 8 mia. mennesker sammen i et globalt digitalt netværk med masser af muligheder for digital kommunikation, handel, uddannelse, forskning, innovation og demokratisk debat. Men kriminalitet og krig er flyttet med ind på internettet. Cyberangreb koster årligt samfundet milliarder og truer både samfundets digitale infrastrukturer og borgernes private liv og data.

Kriminelle og fremmede magter kan blandt andet stjæle din identitet og købe varer på dit kreditkort, stjæle virksomheders data om produkter og kunder, lamme kritisk infrastruktur som elnettet og true vores demokrati gennem ”fake news” på sociale medier. Den øgede trussel mod tilliden til digitale systemer stiller nye krav til os alle – som privatpersoner, som medarbejdere, som ledere, og som it-specialister hos myndigheder og i virksomheder.

Hvordan beskytter vi bedst os selv? Og hvilke samfundsmæssige dilemmaer står vi overfor i kampen for
bedre cybersikkerhed?

Deltag i MatchPoints-konferencen på Aarhus Universitet den 18.- 19. april 2024 og bliv opdateret på det aktuelle trusselsbillede og de løsninger, som den nyeste forskning indenfor cybersikkerhed tilbyder. Forstå udfordringerne og få tværfaglige perspektiver på løsningerne inden for et højaktuelt område, som konstant fylder medierne og udfordrer os alle.

Konferencen byder på oplæg fra nogle af verdens førende forskere, debatter om bl.a. digital identitet og privatliv, sikre digitale folkeafstemninger, sikre digitale penge samt hvordan vi finder balancen mellem sikkerhed og forståelige brugergrænseflader.

Der vil være foredrag og workshops med konkrete cyberangrebscases fra virksomheder og rig mulighed for at netværke med andre, der er optagede af cybersikkerhed.


  • Hvordan beskytter vi vores kritiske infrastruktur omkring vand, el og transport?
  • Hvordan undgår vi, at personlige oplysninger misbruges online?
  • Skaber kunstig intelligens nye sikkerhedsricisi, og hvordan undgår vi dem?
  • Kan fremtidens kvantecomputere bryde vores nuværende systemer, og hvordan undgår vi det?

FREDAG D. 19. APRIL vil der være fyraftensdebat om emnet med Clement Kjersgaard i Rådhushallen.

LØRDAG D. 20. APRIL præsenteres temaet for den brede befolkning med at arrangement på DOKK1 i
samarbejde med Folkeuniversitetet

DIREC er partner i MatchPoints