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13 October 2022

Danish HCI Day 2022

In collaboration with DIREC, Aarhus University will host a Danish HCI day on October 13, following NordiCHI in Aarhus. Everybody in the Danish HCI community is invited to participate.

The schedule is tentatively as follows:

09.15  Hello and welcome
09.30  Keynote (to be announced)
10.15   One minute-madness
11.00  Group discussions
12.00  Lunch
13.00  Rework talk (to be decided)
13.45  Group discussions continued
14.45  Coffee
15.15   Wrap-up in plenary

The plan is that all submit 1 slide and prepare to talk for 60 seconds. The work is then discussed in groups mixed of young and old from across the departments.

More details to come, but please make plans to stay in Aarhus a day longer when you register for NordiCHI 2022