PhD Training Network

A DIREC PhD training network is established that complements and creates synergies among the existing PhD schools at the partner universities and thereby to provide PhD students with extras compared to the existing PhD study programs.

Objectives and synergies

The DIREC PhD training network will offer:

  1. Establishment of joint PhD courses with the purpose to create a critical mass in terms of number of students. This will both cover existing courses and new courses based on DIREC project collaborations. The courses will among others build on the outcomes of DIREC projects.
  2. The PhD courses will be internationally widely announced to attract (and potentially retain) foreign PhD students.
  3. Make better use at a national level of core competences from the individual partners by making them available.
  4. The individual PhD students will as part of the network join dynamic communities as part of DIREC based on the academic content and the company challenges part of their studies.
  5. A number of foreign top researchers will be invited by DIREC and provide seminars for the PhD students focusing on promising research topics. This activity will be inspired by the German Dagstuhl seminar series which plays an important role in shaping the research agenda in many new emerging research areas of computer science and cross-institutional organisation of intensive PhD seminars on centre research topics.
  6. The network will also provide activities to address innovation, entrepreneurship and career planning. This includes PhD activities with entrepreneurship elements in collaboration with the DK eco-system in digital technology to foster new paths for exploitation building on recommendations from the ”Startup Genome Report” by Digital Hub Denmark.
  7. Create partnerships with Digital Hub Denmark along with international and Danish companies with strong graduate programs for international marketing of PhD opportunities to attract PhD candidates from abroad.
  8. As a future step explore joint opportunities for attracting additional (e.g. EU and private) funding for the network activities.

Workstream Manager

Thomas T. Hildebrandt

University of Copenhagen
Department of Computer Science
Sigurdsgade 41
2200 København N

T: +45 31 42 52 79