The Danish press welcomed the news of DIREC

The press release on DIREC was published at the end of November and was picked up by several Danish media. The coverage reflects an expected interest in the success of bringing together all Danish IT departments in a joint mission to strengthen the efforts for highly-qualified IT specialists in Denmark.


Universities collaborate on digital technology

This approach was taken by PROSA, ProIng, supply media, Science Report and ITWatch among others. With a new national centre for research in digital technologies (DIREC), the computer science departments at seven Danish universities are joining forces with the Alexandra Institute to expand the capacity within research and education in digital technologies in Denmark.

The aim is to satisfy the great need for highly educated IT specialists in companies and the public sector as well as to develop new solutions based on artificial intelligence, big data and IoT. DIREC hopes to become an internationally recognized center that can match the most respected centres in the world and thus attract the best researchers. For example, brought here:

We need to upgrade significantly in the digital field

Tech Management adopted the message that it is necessary to intensify the efforts in the digital field. The column was written by Ole Lehrmann Madsen and Jens Christian Godskesen with the message: Denmark must invest in both digital infrastructure, IT-based companies and capacity in IT research, innovation and education. You can find the entire article here:

Vi skal opruste betydeligt på den digitale front

The people behind that centre are always of interest. The Danish news magazine Mandag Morgen welcomed the story of DIREC’s director Thomas Riisgaard Hansen. An excerpt from the article says:

No less than seven Danish universities plus the Alexandra Institute have joined forces to create a centre the aim of which is to assert itself internationally and attract foreign researchers and students. Thomas Riisgaard Hansen has been elected to lead the centre. He will take office on 1 January, and to sum up the task he faces, it is – which is very appropriate for a digital center manager – to build networks.

Read the article here in Danish (paid):

Han skal bygge netværk, der kan forløse Danmarks digitale potentiale