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DIGITAL Tech summit 2023

Data spaces – in the future, we will share data in a completely new way

The EU has new legislation, large project sums, and a supply of technological components. All the initiatives aim to provide European companies, organizations, states, and individuals with a completely new infrastructure for data sharing.

Data sharing must be based on principles around decentralization of data, increased data sovereignty, greater security, and above all, interoperability.
The vision is that in 10-15 years we will exclusively share data through so-called data spaces.
Get an insight into the EU’s initiatives and legislation and what they will mean for you. Hear also about the wider international agenda around data spaces, which is largely driven by companies that see the need for common rules of the game for data sharing. There is a need for easier and more profitable data sharing, which could result in stronger supply chains, better and easier ESG reporting, and the development of new digital services.

Lea Schick – Senior Research and Innovation Manager, The Alexandra Institute