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Societal impact

We are facing numerous societal challenges, and addressing them requires fostering new collaborations and interdisciplinary alliances. Such collaborations and alliances are needed to effectively tackle the most pressing issues of our time. Explore our selected impact areas and our ongoing research and innovation projects. 

Climate Change

Digitalization can boost the green transition. AI and algorithms can help calculate how we can best heat our home, produce efficiently, transport with the least possible energy consumption, and make optimal use of the IT infrastructure.  

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Future of work

Advanced digital technology can create opportunities for Danish companies, unlock the competitive advantage, and improve collaboration, productivity, efficiency, and innovation.


One of the biggest challenge for Danish companies is the threat from hackers. Modern businesses have such a complex IT landscape that it’s a constant battle to make sure there are no holes or weaknesses that hackers can exploit.

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Hand in medical glove pointing to virtual screen medical technology

Digital Health

The health care system is under pressure from many sides. Overall, life expectancy is increasing, and new treatment options are being introduced continuously. All of which contributes to the demand for health care services. 

At the same time, the health care resources are limited. Thus, there is great potential for introducing digital health solutions.  

Digital Tech Startups

A key goal for Denmark is to make sure that some of the next generations of digital tech startups are created in Denmark. 

The lack of tech startups can prevent Denmark from developing new innovative products and services, leading to dependence on foreign technologies and products, and resulting in missed opportunities to attract foreign investments and talents which are crucial for maintaining a strong tech sector and ensuring innovation and growth in the long run. 

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All projects

In total DIREC have funded more than 40 research and innovation project.