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26 September 2023

insights and future trends in robotics

Professor Henrik Christensen

DIREC INTERVIEW: In August 2023, Dr. Henrik Christensen visited Denmark and the Robot Festival ‘Wild Robots’ in Aarhus. We caught up with him for a chat about the development of robotic technology and startups and the perspectives of using robotic technology in for example the health sector and for the green transition.

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6 October 2022

Can cryptographic algorithms affect legal doctrines?

Professor Ran Canetti

DIREC TALK: Legal principles, philosophy and doctrines are the pillars of modern society. It is tempting to believe that, while specific laws and regulations adapt to the particular technologies of the time, the basic legal doctrines remain unchanged – and guide us in regulating and harnessing technology.

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30 September 2022

Software Tools for Quantum Computing

Professor Robert Wille

DIREC TALK: Quantum computers have the potential to solve certain tasks that would take millennia to complete even with the fastest (conventional) supercomputer. However, while impressive accomplishments can be observed in the physical realization of quantum computers, the development of automated methods and software tools that provide assistance in the design and realization of applications for those devices is at risk of not being able to keep up with this development anymore.

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2 June 2022

Changing the Game: How Data Science has Transformed the Games Industry

Professor Anders Drachen

DIREC TALK: The interactive entertainment industry has grown dramatically in the past decade and is recently projected to reach 230 billion USD in global yearly revenue, making it one of the super-heavyweight sectors in entertainment. Estimates place the number of people worldwide who currently play computer games at over 4 billion.

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25 May 2022

How corona changed distributed work – The future challenges in hybrid work

Professor Pernille Bjørn

DIREC TALK: The corona pandemic changed the perspective on how organizations think about the challenges in collaboration across geographical distance.

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21 March 2022

Software Engineering of Mobile, Ubiquitous and Robotic Systems

Professor Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard

DIREC TALK: Software engineers developing mobile, IoT, wearable and ubiquitous systems are faced with a range of challenges, e.g. to create useful solutions that help users. Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard presents engineering tactics and open-source software technologies that help implement tactics in practice.

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25 February 2022

Graph Models for Knowledge, Regulations, Rules and Processes

Professor Thomas Hildebrandt

DIREC TALK: Thomas Hildebrandt presents how graph models can be used for representation of machine-readable regulations, rules and distributed processes in a flexible and maintainable way supporting both human understanding and automated execution.

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13 December 2021

Formal Verification and Machine Learning Joining Forces

Professor Kim Guldstrand Larsen

DIREC TALK: The growing pervasiveness of computerised systems such as intelligent traffic control or energy supply makes our society vulnerable to faults or attacks on such systems. Rigorous software engineering methods and supporting efficient verification tools are crucial to encounter this threat.

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27 September 2021

How can we encourage more women to study computer science?

Associate Professor Claus Brabrand

DIREC TALK: Women are widely underrepresented in Computer Science. We will consider why this is a problem from a societal, institutional, and individual level.

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