Efficient Algorithms and Data Structures

Contributing key researchers: 
Kasper Green Larsen (AU)
Philip Bille (DTU)
Rasmus Pagh (KU)
Mikkel Thorup (KU)
Joan Boyer (SDU)
Thore Husfeldt (ITU)

Rasmus Pagh

University of Copenhagen
Dept. of Computer Science
Universitetsparken 1
2100 Copenhagen Ø

E: pagh@di.ku.dk


The efficiency of algorithms and data structures is becoming increasingly important in the area of big data, where complicated analysis is performed on very large datasets. Often algorithm efficiency is the deciding factor in analysis quality (of even if it possible at all). Modelling modern computational infrastructure (such as complicated memory-hierarchies, GPUs and modern clientserver architectures), and development of algorithms and data structures for these models/devices, is also increasingly important.

Objectives and synergies

The main objectives are to extend the basis understanding of efficient algorithms and data structures for fundamental (big data) problems, as well as to further increase the Danish strength and capacity within algorithms and data structures.

Since efficient algorithms and data structures are important – often even essential – in other computer science research areas (as also explicitly indicated e.g. in the descriptions of the artificial intelligence and data management disciplines), as well as in applications, there are significant opportunities for synergies between algorithms researchers and other researcher in the project.

Thus, use of algorithmic advances in interdisciplinary and real-life application settings is another important objective.