Digital Research Centre Denmark (DIREC) is a newly established Danish research centre with the purpose of:

  • Performing world-class digital research to ensure that Denmark is in front with regard to digital technologies at Danish universities.
  • Expanding the capacity of digital specialists and researchers in Denmark to meet the huge demand from business and the public sector for highly qualified IT-specialists.
  • Supporting research-based innovation to contribute to IT-based innovation by transforming research into digital solutions in cooperation with businesses and the public sector and through entrepreneurship.

DIREC partners

DIREC is a unique collaboration between eight Danish universities: DTU, Roskilde University, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School, IT University of Copenhagen, University of Southern Denmark, Aarhus University, Aalborg University, and the Alexandra Institute.

The centre started in 2020 and the Innovation Fund Denmark has supported DIREC with DKK 100 million.


Digital technologies are among the strongest drivers for growth and welfare in society and industry. It is therefore critical for Danish industry and the public sector to get access to highly qualified IT specialists and knowledge. The demand for increased digital research and education cannot be accomplished without huge societal investments.

The vision of DIREC is to become a worldwide recognised centre for research, innovation and education in computer science. The excellence
 of DIREC will equal the most renowned computer science universities in Europe and the US and provide an attractive collaborative meeting place for international researchers.





The main objective of DIREC is to:

  1. Solve the capacity issue within computer science research and education for digital technologies across the Danish universities 
  2. Support the government’s vision of Denmark as a digital frontrunner 
  3. Target research and education activities towards societal challenges and value creation for both business and the public sector 
  4. Base DIREC on current core computer science research themes and international strongholds and to stimulate emerging research themes for digital technologies 
  5. Expand the research and education capacity in Denmark by means of education and recruitment of excellent researchers at the highest international level 
  6. Transform research into digital solutions and long-term digital transformations in cooperation with businesses and the public sector.

Our goal is to make DIREC the epicentre of accelerated CS R&D within digital technologies in Denmark


DIREC supports a variety of activities: