Digital Research Centre Denmark (DIREC) is a newly established Danish research centre with the purpose of:

  • Performing world-class digital research to ensure that Denmark is in front with regard to digital technologies at Danish universities.
  • Expanding the capacity of digital specialists and researchers in Denmark to meet the huge demand from business and the public sector for highly qualified IT-specialists.
  • Supporting research-based innovation to contribute to IT-based innovation by transforming research into digital solutions in cooperation with businesses and the public sector and through entrepreneurship.

DIREC partners

DIREC is a unique collaboration between eight Danish universities: DTU, Roskilde University, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School, IT University of Copenhagen, University of Southern Denmark, Aarhus University, Aalborg University, and the Alexandra Institute.

The centre started in 2020 and the Innovation Fund Denmark has supported DIREC with DKK 100 million.


DIREC supports a variety of activities:

A successful project

Projects can be stand-alone projects or part of a sequential evolution of projects. For example, an Explore project may be a natural start to investigate into a new field or topic, which can lead to the creation of a SciTech or Bridge project.

Towards the end of a SciTech Project a possible continuation into a Bridge project may be investigated or a branch of the SciTech Project may create a new Explore project.

A successful Bridge project may not only create value for the involved companies, but it could also initiate a new research challenge, which will require a new SciTech Project or a further Bridge project.

Everybody can collaborate with DIREC, but we do only provide funding to the university and GTS partners behind DIREC.

See more about how to engage with DIREC.