The vision of DIREC is to become a worldwide recognised centre for research, innovation and education in computer science.

The excellence of DIREC will equal the most renowned computer science universities in Europe and the US and provide an attractive collaborative meeting place for international researchers.

Digital technologies are among the strongest drivers for growth and welfare in society and industry. It is therefore critical for Danish industry and the public sector to get access to highly qualified IT specialists and knowledge. The demand for increased digital research and education cannot be accomplished without huge societal investments.

DIREC has an overall budget DKK 275 million and is funded by Innovation Fund Denmark with DKK 100 million. The group of partners is a unique collaboration between the computer science departments of the eight Danish universities and the Alexandra Institute. 


DIREC is a unique collaboration between eight Danish universities: DTU, Roskilde University, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School, IT University of Copenhagen, University of Southern Denmark, Aarhus University, Aalborg University, and the Alexandra Institute.

Furthermore, more than 50 companies and public organizations take part in one or more DIREC projects. 

List of DIREC companies and public organizations that are partners in a DIREC project