We conduct world-class research in the fields of artificial intelligence, cyber security, blockchain, IoT, software development, algorithms, HCI, automation of work and business processes, diversity and ethics.
Through collaboration with private companies and the public sector on the development of new innovative products and services based on the latest digital technologies, we contribute to improve Denmark’s competitiveness.
As a hub for a strong network of Denmark’s most renowned specialists in digital technologies, we play an important role as a trusted partner in a rapidly changing digital landscape.



Digitalisation can definitely boost the green transition

23 July 2022
Artificial intelligence and algorithms can help calculate how we can best heat our homes, produce efficiently, transport with the least possible energy consumption, and make optimal use of the IT infrastructure as part of the green transition. But it requires that we dare to delegate more tasks to algorithms and invest more in research and development.

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International Workshop on Re-Using Robot Data

8 September 2022 We will discuss the needs of industry, current solutions and the scientific and technical challenges that are connected to the problem of...

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DIREC Seminar 2022

26-27 September 2022 Join this year’s DIREC Seminar with interesting workshops, talks, networking and more. The seminar is relevant for all participants in DIREC workstreams...

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