Business Innovation, Processes and Models

Contributing key researchers: 
Ioanna Constantiou (CBS)
Jan Damsgaard (CBS)
Torkil Clemmesen (CBS)
Helle Zinner Henriksen (CBS)
Thomas Hildebrandt (KU)

Helle Zinner Henriksen
Associate Professor

Copenhagen Business School
Department of Digitalization
Howitzvej 60
2000 Frederiksberg
T: +45 38 15 24 52


The Danish public sector has a stronghold in digitalisation in international rankings. In order to remain in the top of the rankings, the public sector must constantly exploit the full potential of the technological achievements. The stronghold is in particular related to the administrative practices whereas delivery of services in health and education could benefit from an increased use of advanced technologies such as IoT, AI, Process mining and agile business process management technologies.

The many SMEs within the Danish private sector experience more challenges in deriving the benefits from the Danish technology strongholds. Though Denmark has a leading position in the domain of digitalisation of governmental work processes, robotics and Industry 4.0 there are still risks of losing momentum and market position internationally due to better exploitation of technologies in other industrial nations.

Objectives and Synergies

The objectives are dual. Firstly, the aim is to equip organisations with an
understanding of the business potential of advanced technologies in order to strengthen their competitive position in the market.

Secondly, the goal is to advance knowledge in the area of technologies for digitalisation of work and business processes for the digital transformation of the workplace.

To be expected for a cross-cutting theme, there are synergies to be found in all of the seven vertical research themes described above. Not only will the development of new technologies lead to new business potentials and ways to digitalise businesses and workplaces, changes in the organisation of our society, markets and business processes also influence the research in new technologies.