Digital Tech Startups

The future is digital and a key goal for Denmark is to make sure that some of the next generation of digital tech startups are created in Denmark.

For DIREC we especially would like to help create new digital startups in Denmark based on research that will give the startup a unique competitive advantage. 

What we want to achieve

1) Educate 100+ digital researchers in how to start a business

How do you start a business based on state-of-the-art research? How can you go from being a researcher to being a entrepreneur? What particular challenges are facing deep tech spin-out startups? 

In DIREC, we want to train and prepare digital researchers in creating startup companies based on their research. We organize courses and collect best-practice to achieve the goal. 

2) Create 5+ startup based on DIREC projects

It can be hard to control when a research idea is ready to be transformed into a startup, but we want to give the researchers working in DIREC the best possible support and opportunities for creating startups based on their research.

3) Support the community around digital tech startups

In DIREC, we want to support the community around digital tech startups by providing meeting places for upcoming entrepreneurs. One example is the conference Digital Tech Summit which invites entrepreneurs from all Danish universities to attend and share their experiences.

Selected events


Digital Tech Summit 2022

25 -26 October 2022
Digital Tech Summit is part conference, part exhibition and part networking event with a broad range of keynote-speakers, sessions, debates and events.

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Digital Tech Summit 2021

30 November 2021
Digital Tech Summit brings together over 5,000 decision ­makers, engineers, companies, academia, startups, investors, and ­students, redefining tech leadership the digital sustainable tech transformation in industry and ­society.

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Workstream manager

Mark Bernhard Riis

Head of Innovation

Technical University of Denmark
Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
T: +45 61 39 63 54​

Contributing persons

Aalborg University
Department of Computer Science

Anders Pall Skött

Head of Business and Innovation

University of Copenhagen
Department of Computer Science

Søren Elmer Kristensen

Head of TEK Innovation

University of Southern Denmark
The Faculty of Engineering

Jørgen Villadsen

Associate Professor

Technical University of Denmark
DTU Compute

Peter Ibsen

Senior Business Unit Manager

IT University of Copenhagen
Open Entrepreneurship

Søren Poulsen

Special Consultant

Aarhus University
Department of Computer Science

Helle Zinner Henriksen

Head of Department

Copenhagen Business School
Department of Digitalization

Martin Møller

Chief Scientific Officer

The Alexandra Institute