Innovation and Entrepreneurship

To support value creation (both short-term e.g. business value and long-term e.g. societal value) and the commercialization of the research carried out in DIREC a Workstream is established with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. WS13 brings results from the DIREC research to market and supports start-up initiatives. It connects the 12 DIREC workstreams to dedicated efforts towards innovation and entrepreneurship. This workstream will be cross-cutting and support both the core thematical workstreams as well as workstreams within education and capacity building.

Objectives and synergies

The purpose is to:

  1. Build a commercialization capacity among the actors involved in DIREC, both among researchers, PhD students and master’s students, based on the research and capacity-building activities initiated in DIREC. This applies, for example, to “Explore projects” and “Bridge projects” through activities such as Entrepreneur network meetings, Industrial Courses, Experimental prototypes in labs, etc.

  2. Facilitate +25 start-ups during the first five years of the DIREC, including opening up universities for collaboration with experienced external entrepreneurs on the establishment and scaling of start-ups.

  3. Create increased visibility and awareness through activities in DIREC, e.g. conference activities within innovation and entrepreneurship.

Workstream Manager

Mark Bernhard Riis
Head of Innovation

Technical University of Denmark
Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Richard Petersens Plads, Bldg. 324
2800 Kgs. Lyngby

T: +45 61 39 63 54

Contributing persons:

Aalborg University
Department of Computer Science

Anders Pall Skött

Head of Business and Innovation

University of Copenhagen
Department of Computer Science

Søren Elmer Kristensen

Head of TEK Innovation

University of Southern Denmark
The Faculty of Engineering

Jørgen Villadsen

Associate Professor

Technical University of Denmark
DTU Compute

Peter Ibsen

Senior Business Unit Manager

IT University of Copenhagen
Open Entrepreneurship

Søren Poulsen

Special Consultant

Aarhus University
Department of Computer Science

Helle Zinner Henriksen

Head of Department

Copenhagen Business School
Department of Digitalization

Martin Møller

Chief Scientific Officer

The Alexandra Institute