7 June 2023

A commercial mindset is just as important as a good idea

DIREC works to ensure that Denmark gets more university-based tech startups, and there is plenty of inspiration to be gained from successful entrepreneurs such as Chief Physician Søren Andreas Just and Professor of Medical Robotics from SDU, Thiusius Rajeeth Savarimuthu. They are co-founders of the company ROPCA and the robot Arthur, which will revolutionize everyday life in busy hospital wards.

Thiusius Rajeeth Savarimuthu (left) and Søren Andreas Just, founders of ROPCA

The robot Arthur scans patients who are suspected of having rheumatoid arthritis. By scanning a patient’s hands, the robot can quickly determine whether there are signs of rheumatoid arthritis or not and thus assess whether the patient should enter a course of treatment. For patients already diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, Arthur can see if there are any signs of disease activity.

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