How to engage with DIREC

We have brought together some of the best computer scientists in Denmark. You can collaborate with DIREC in several ways and become part of this world-class environment with the vision of becoming an internationally recognized centre that matches the most respected similar centres in Europe and USA.

Participate as researcher

DIREC provides a unique opportunity to work with a network of leading researchers across Denmark. See our job section for open positions or contact

Educational and start-up activities

We have many ways of collaborating around educational or entrepreneurial activities, exclusive business collaboration programs, and with eco-system partners.

Bridge projects

Bridge project are joined projects between researchers and industry/public organizations with the goal of working with the application in society of cutting-edge research.

Here is an outline of a bridge project:

  • DIREC funds the researchers.
  • An organization participating in a bridge project will as a minimum have to match the investment from DIREC.
  • The project needs to cover at least two of our research areas and span at least two universities.
  • A bridge project typically has a budget between 3-15 million DKK.
  • You cannot send a proposal to DIREC, but you form a proposal in collaboration with one or more of the workstream managers listed on the page. Deadline is 1st of May.

The benefits of participating in a Bridge project:

  • Access to top experts in computer science.
  • Direct influence on the application areas the researchers are addressing.
  • Firsthand access to the best PhD and master students.
  • Education opportunity for your employees
  • Typically, first-hand negotiation rights over potential IP.
  • Extensive network and many more benefits.

Educational activities

The DIREC education activities will support master and PhD capacity building and the exploitation of capacity in industry and society. In particular:

  • Create educational activities at the master and PhD level in digital technologies for building knowledge and research capacity that address Danish needs and with paths for capacity exploitation
  • Create attractive international profile to foster inbound PhD recruitment.

The DIREC centre will address these challenges focusing on the following objectives:

  1. increase the number of master and PhD graduates
  2. address and actively work towards improving gender diversity
  3. strengthen researcher-student-industry collaboration to support exploitation of capacity.

Entrepreneurship and
start-up activities

To support value creation (both short-term e.g. business value and long-term e.g. societal value) and the commercialization of the research carried out in DIREC a workstream is established with focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.

WS13 brings results from the DIREC research to market and supports start-up initiatives. It connects the 12 DIREC workstreams to dedicated efforts towards innovation and entrepreneurship.

This workstream will be cross-cutting and support both the core thematical workstreams as well as workstreams within education and capacity building.

Interested in collaborating?

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