Human Computer Interaction CSCW and InfoVis

Contributing key researchers: 
Jesper Kjeldskov (AAU)
Kaj Grønbæk (AU)
Susanne Bødker (AU)
Kasper Hornbæk (KU)
Pernille Bjørn (KU)

Susanne Bødker

Aarhus University
Dept. of Computer Science
Åbogade 34
8200 Aarhus N

T: +45 87 15 61 48


The HCI field has contributed to the development of all contemporary user interfaces and will continue to do so in the future. Many commercial and societal solutions are however still developed without proper use of HCI methods and involvement of users, leading to huge and expensive IT failures. It is thus mandatory to bring HCI much higher on the research and innovation agenda. This is necessary at a Danish level but also internationally to create more transparent, user centered and democratic societies, which propose alternatives to mainstream commercial technologies.

Objectives and synergies

To increase the capacity in theoretical, empirical, and technological HCI research to sustain a high international impact.

The research will also create synergies with the AI and Algorithms themes in the development of explainable AI and Visual Analytics, with Advanced and Efficient Big Data Management and Analysis in putting the user in the loop of data management and use, hence emphasising collaborative HCI, and with the Cyber Physical systems theme in the development of HCI for physical products and environments, including multiple modalities as well as Augmented Reality visualisation of data etc. in physical environments.

Finally, there is a synergy with the Cybersecurity theme on usable security.