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22 February 2023

What if? Designers and researchers must challenge the dark side of technology

How do we create future technologies and at the same time maintain a critical approach to the many new possibilities? A workshop on speculative design challenged the PhD students to take a critical look at the downside of technology.

Speculative design is the name of a relatively new method and independent research approach, which questions the basic assumptions of technology research: that technology is good by definition, that it changes people’s lives for the better and solves the world’s problems.

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About Confronting Data Co-lab

Confronting Data Co-lab is a collaboration between researchers from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen.

The goal of the interdisciplinary group is to focus sharply on the influence of data-driven technological directions our society is leaning towards – and whether it they are in line with shared societal values.

In their work, the researchers include experiences, skills and perspectives from citizens, society and industry in order to see digital technologies in a larger context.