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How do we maintain trust in our digital society?

Over the last 50 years, the internet has brought together 8 billion people in a digital network that offers countless opportunities for communication, trade, education, research, innovation and democratic debate. But crime has also found their way online. Cyberattacks cost society billions every year and threaten both our digital infrastructure and our privacy and data.

Criminals can steal your identity and buy goods with your credit card. They can steal company data to access information about products and customers. And they can bring down critical infrastructure and threaten our democracy by spreading “fake news” on social media. This increased threat against our digital systems places new demands on all of us – as private individuals, as employees, as managers, and as IT specialists working in both the public and private sector.

What is the best way to protect ourselves? And what societal dilemmas are we likely to encounter in our fight for better cybersecurity?

Take part in the MatchPoints conference at Aarhus University on 18–19 April 2024 to learn more about the current threat landscape and the solutions offered by the latest cybersecurity research. Understand the issues and get an interdisciplinary perspective on the solutions within this highly relevant subject, which continues to fill the media and challenge us all.

Hear from some of the world’s leading researchers and take part in debates on topics such as identity and privacy, secure digital referenda, secure digital currency, and the trade-off between security and user-friendly interfaces.

You’ll also be able to join workshops to discuss specific cyber attacks on companies, and you’ll have the opportunity to network with other cybersecurity specialists.

  • How do we protect our critical water, energy, and transport infrastructure?
  • How do we ensure that our personal data is not misused online?
  • Is artificial intelligence creating new security risks and how can we avoid them?
  • Will the quantum computers of the future be able to break our current systems, and how can we avoid this happening?

ON FRIDAY 19 APRIL, there will be an evening debate on cybersecurity with Danish TV presenter Clement Kjersgaard in Aarhus City Hall.

ON SATURDAY 20 APRIL, there will be an event for the general public in DOKK1, in collaboration with the Danish University Extension

DIREC is a partner in MatchPoints