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20 November 2023

Digital Tech Summit 2023: Critical Thinking and Programming on the School Schedule

The rapid development of AI is reshaping our society, impacting everything from daily tasks to healthcare. This progress demands a shift in skills, emphasizing human qualities like creativity and critical thinking.

As routine tasks become automated, individuals need a dynamic skill set to complement AI. Furthermore, ethical considerations in AI decision-making underscore the importance of transparency and accountability. Adapting to this changing landscape requires a broad conversion across societal actors about the role of AI.

This year’s Digital Tech Summit formed the framework for such a conversation space. With over 4,000 participants, 100 professional presentations from 8 stages, and 80 companies, startups, and organizations in the exhibition area, universities, companies, and legislators gathered to discuss the development and use of AI.

DIREC had invited the Senior Vice President from Dansk Erhverv, Casper Klynge, Professor at ITU and Lund University, Thore Husfeldt, and Angel Investor and CCO at Trifork, Line Sørensen, to discuss the impact of generative AI in businesses and education. 

According to Thore Husfeldt, we import knowledge workers such as mathematicians, computer scientists, and software developers from other countries because we have given up teaching our own population concrete and difficult things. He finds it both embarrassing for the past and worrying for the future and calls on Danish businesses to help change this development by demanding that Danish children and young people be taught difficult subjects such as mathematics and computer science in school. We could not agree more.

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