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ReWork artistic exploratory:

Research and Art Exhibition

Come and join us when we are presenting art prototypes and research exploring the future of work.

ReWork is a multidisciplinary research project exploring the future of hybrid work technologies and experiences. ReWork collaborators include academic researchers at Danish universities in partnership with artists, cultural institutions, and companies in several industries.

Join artists Stine Deja, Jakob La Cour, Line Finderup Jensen, and Lea Porsager, along with researchers from the ReWork research project, for this multidisciplinary art event, research exhibit, and reception.

About the collaborators:

Stine Deja explores the uncanny and sometimes absurd futures of our landscapes, lives, bodies, and environments, with media including sculpture, 3D animation, sound, and immersive installations.

Jakob La Cour creates extended reality experiences and performance art that draws on ancient and traditional rituals and practices in combination and contrast with cutting edge modern technologies.

Line Finderup Jensen examines past and future human experiences and the nature of reality through videos, VR, interactive 3D animated games, and paintings.

Lea Porsager engages with physics, feminism, politics, and culture through a variety of artistic practices including tangible and intangible media such as land art and sculpture, film, text, and animation.