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9 August 2023

An interdisciplinary workshop on AI attracts international top researchers to Denmark - do you want to join?

DIREC invites to a high calibre research meeting with the workshop ‘Verifiable and Robust AI’ in November.

At the workshop, which takes place at Sandbjerg Gods in Sønderborg on 6-10 November, Danish and international top researchers in the fields of AI, machine learning and formal methods will gather – and we can guarantee plenty of interesting discussions and exchange of experience across disciplines.

So says Associate Professor Manfred Jaeger from the Department of Computer Science at Aalborg University, who is one of the organizers behind the workshop.

– With the workshop ‘Verifiable and robust AI’ we would like to bring two groups of researchers closer together – on the one hand some of Denmark’s strongest experts in machine learning and AI – and on the other hand experts in the formal analysis processes, correctness and security in programming.

– These are two relatively different types of researchers who do not usually meet at shared events – one group is particularly interested in formal methods and with a highly theoretical and mathematical focus, while the AI/machine learning experts also have a mathematical focus, but they use other techniques, Manfred Jaeger explains. The aim is to create new professional networks and hopefully to initiate more collaborations across the universities.

– There are possibly people in Copenhagen who can benefit from a collaboration with researchers from Aalborg or Aarhus University and vice versa. We want to help establish new relations, says Manfred Jaeger, who is looking forward to welcoming a series of interesting keynotes from foreign top universities – Moshe Vardi from Rice University, Jan Krêtínský from the Technical University of Munich and Bernhard Steffen from TU Dortmund University to name just three of the main names.

– The workshop addresses researchers from all universities in Denmark – we hope for a strong participation from the Danish research communities, so that people who do normally not participate in the same workshops and conferences will have the opportunity to meet each other.

Boris Düdder from the University of Copenhagen (KU), Thomas Hildebrandt, KU, Jaco van de Pol, Aarhus University (AU), Kim Guldstrand Larsen, Aalborg University (AAU), Manfred Jaeger (AAU) are the organizers of the workshop, which is sponsored by DIREC.

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