Project type: Bridge Project

Business Transformation and Organisational AI-based Decision Making

Business processes in private companies and public organisations are today widely supported by Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Process Management  and Electronic Case Management systems, put into use with the aim to improve efficiency of the business processes.

The combined result is however often an increasingly elaborate information systems landscape, leading to ineffectiveness, limited understanding of business processes, inability to predict and find the root cause of losses, errors and fraud, and inability to adapt the business processes. This lack of understanding, agility and control over business processes places a major burden on the organisations. For instance, a recent report concludes that the Danish Ministry of Taxation’s control of the state’s annual revenue of one trillion DKK is so “deficient and weak” that there is a clear “increased risk” that employees can cheat and abuse for their own gain in the same style as the recent Britta Nielsen and Armed forces cases.

Enterprise systems generate a plethora of highly granular data recording their operation. Machine learning has a great potential to aid in the analysis of this data in order to predict errors, detect fraud and improve their efficiency. Knowledge of business processes can also be used to support the needed transformation of old and heterogeneous it landscapes to new platforms. Application areas include Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) supervision of business processes in the financial sector, supply chain management in agriculture and foodstuff supply, and compliance and optimisation of workflow processes in the public sector.

The research aim of the project to develop methods and tools that enable industry to develop new efficient solutions for exploiting the huge amount of business data generated by enterprise systems, with specific focus on tools and responsible methods for the use of process insights for business intelligence and transformation. Through field studies in organizations that are using AI, BPM and process mining techniques it will be investigated how organizations implement, use and create value (both operational and strategic) through AI, BPM and process mining techniques. In particular, the project will focus on how organizational decision-making changes with the implementation of AI-based algorithms in terms of decision making skills (intuitive + analytical) of the decision makers, their roles and responsibilities, their decision rights and authority and the decision context.

The scientific value of the project is new methods and user interfaces for decision support and business transformation and associated knowledge of their performance and properties in case studies. These are important contributions to provide excellent knowledge to Danish companies and education programs within AI for business innovation and processes.

For capacity building the value of the project is to educate 1 industrial PhD in close collaboration between CBS, DIKU and the industrial partner DCR Solutions. The project will also provide on-line course material that can be used in existing and new courses for industry, MSc and PhD.

For the business and societal value, the project has very broad applicability, targeting improvements in terms of effectiveness and control of process aware information systems across the private and public sector. Concretely, the project considers cases of customers of the participating industry partners within the financial sector, the public sector and within energy and building management. All sectors that have vital societal role. The industry partner will create business value of estimated 10-20MDkr increased turnaround and 2-3 new employees in 5-7 years through the generation of IP by the industrial researcher and the development of state- of-the-art proprietary process analysis and decision support tools.

July 1, 2021 – December 31, 2025 – 3,5 years

Total budget DKK 16,77 million / DIREC investment DKK4,95 million


Project Manager

Arisa Shollo

Associate Professor

Copenhagen Business School
Department of Digitalization


Thomas Hildebrandt


University of Copenhagen
Department of Computer Science

Raghava Mukkamala

Associate Professor

Copenhagen Business School
Department of Digitalization

Morten Marquard

Founder & CEO

DCR Solutions

Søren Debois


DCR Solutions

Panagiotis Keramidis

PhD Student

Copenhagen Business School
Department of Digitalization