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4 July 2024

Enhancing Teaching at Scale: Various experiments conducted at Danish universities

Teaching computer science topics to larger groups of students should of course utilize the modern digital technologies wherever possible. This project first investigated the possibility of creating shared resources for teaching on top of national cloud ressources. Due to the large variety in Learning Management Systems (LMSs) used across the Danish universities, the project was pivoted towards a more grass roots approach of supporting existing initiatives.

In the project Software Infrastructure for Teaching at Scale various experiments have been conducted at Danish universities to enhance teaching at scale.

Three experiments focused on (semi)automating feedback on programming tasks using Git, CI tools, and custom software. Other experiments aimed to extend learning platforms by adding features or creating more exercises. One experiment addressed onboarding challenges for new teachers and teaching assistants by developing standardized guidelines.

Finally, two tools were developed to facilitate exam planning and student project assignments, providing graphical interfaces for better management of student workloads and preferences.

Read about the experiments in the project report