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Digital Tech Summit 2021

Digital Tech Summit

November 30 – December 1, 2021
Øksnehallen, Copenhagen

Copenhagen Business School, Technical University of Denmark, University of Copenhagen, IT University of Copenhagen, University of Southern Denmark, Aarhus University, Roskilde University, Aalborg University, IT-Branchen and ­Teknologiens Mediehus invite you to Digital Tech Summit.

The largest academic based technology and ­business event in the Nordic countries

Digital Tech Summit brings together over 5,000 decision ­makers, engineers, companies, academia, startups, investors, and ­students, redefining tech leadership the digital sustainable tech transformation in industry and ­society.

What is Digital Tech Summit?

Digital technologies are driving change at all levels of society. Our vision is to create the leading research-based tech me-eting space in the Nordic Countries in order to interact and debate the most recent discoveries, participate in matchmaking events, and generate new ideas.

Digital Tech Summit is part conference, part exhibition and part networking activities where CEOs of technology companies, researchers, students, fast-growing startups, policymakers to ask a simple question: Where to next? Is it time to rethink our goals in a new world? And how can digital technologies like artificial intelligence, robots, cyber security, Internet of things, 5G take us further, create new jobs and solve some of the major societal challenges we face such as climate change, healthcare & disease prevention, etc.

Why Digital Tech Summit?

Why will thousands gather in Copenhagen? Four main reasons: valuable networking opportunities, incredible speakers, unique brand awareness and exposure at the greatest tech platform in Denmark and networking software – our conference App – that will maximise your returns, experience and learning.

Previous events

DIREC Seminar 2021

13 – 14 september 2021

DIREC Seminar 2021

The purpose is to give the participants in DIREC the opportunity to get to know each other, both professionally and personally / socially and thus create new networks across the universities and the Alexandra Institute.

We hope this will lead to the identification of new research issues, including grand challenges for digital technologies, collaboration across workstreams, and new projects with companies and the public sector.

Previous events

Summer School on Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning

Summer School on Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning

From August 1 to August 4, 2022, the Departments of Computer Science at ITU Copenhagen and Aarhus University invite you to the Summer School on Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning.

Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning is an important and exciting research subject that investigates how to benefit from machine learning techniques while preserving the privacy of training data and learned models.

At the PPML School 2022 lecturers with both a theoretical and applied background will cover a broad spectrum of subjects such as Multiparty Computation, Fully Homomorphic Encryption, Differential Privacy, Federated Learning as well as practical attacks. Current confirmed speakers are:

  • Emiliano De Cristofaro (UCL)
  • Rafael Dowsley (Monash University – tentative)
  • Divya Gupta (Microsoft Research)
  • Peter Kairouz (Google)
  • Yuriy Polyakov (Duality)
  • Yang Zhang (CISPA)

The school is aimed at PhD and Master students in the areas of Security as well as Machine Learning, but we also encourage researchers as well as other people with an interest in the area to attend.

Registration for the school is now open for a fee of 500 DKK (approximately 70 USD or 67 EUR). Students can obtain 3 ECTS for attending the school.

The event is organized by Bernardo David, Associate Professor at ITU Copenhagen and Carsten Baum, Assistant Professor at Aarhus University and will take place from August 1st until August 4th on the campus of ITU Copenhagen. We are currently investigating a remote participation option, but this is so far not decided.

More information will be provided soon. We will provide information about potential stipends at a later point of time.

Registration deadline is on June 30th!

The event is supported by the International Association for Cryptologic Research, the Danish Data Science Academy, the Pioneer Centre for Artificial Intelligence as well as the Digital Research Centre Denmark (DIREC).

Previous events

MOVEP 2022

PhD summer school

MOVEP 2022

15th Summer School on Modelling and Verification of Parallel Processes

MOVEP is a five-day summer school on modelling and verification of infinite state systems. It aims to bring together researchers and students working in the fields of control and verification of concurrent and reactive systems.

MOVEP 2022 will consist of ten invited tutorials. In addition, there will be special sessions that allow PhD students to present their on-going research (each talk will last around 20 minutes). Extended abstracts (1-2 pages) of these presentations will be published in informal proceedings.

The organisation committee is closely monitoring the COVID situation. Currently, we are planning for an in-person school in Aalborg with the possibility for remote participation for those that cannot attend in person. Should it become necessary, the school will be held virtually.

  • Giovanni Bacci, AAU
    From Bisimulaltions to Metrics via Couplings
  • David Baelde, ENS RENNES & IRISA
    Formal Proofs of Cryptographic Protocols with Squirrel
  • Christel Baier, Technische Universität Dresden
    From verification to causality-based explications
  • Wojciech Czerwinski, University of Warsaw
    The reachability problem for vector addition systems
  • Bartek Klin, Oxford University
    Computation theory over sets with atoms
  • Laura Kovacs, Vienna University of Technology
    First-order theorem proving and vampire
  • Anca Muscholl, Labri & Université Bordeaux
    A view on string transducers
  • Nir Piterman, Chalmers University of Technology
    Reactive synthesis Amaury Pouly, IRIF – Linear Dynamical Systems: Reachability and invariant generation
  • Renaud Vilmart, LMF & INRIA
    How to verify quantum processes
Target group

PhD students

  • Dept. of Computer Science, Aalborg University
  • The VILLUM Investigator Center S4OS “Scalable analysis and Synthesis of Safe, Secure and Optimal Strategies for Cyber-Physical Systems”
  • DIREC – Digital Research Centre Denmark