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Contemporary Computer Supported Cooperative Work Research

phd course

Contemporary Computer Supported Cooperative Work Research

This PhD course is for PhD students conducting their research within the areas of Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) and Human Centred Design – currently working on positioning their research theoretically to push the boundaries for the novel and contemporary research contributions in CSCW research.

Contemporary CSCW research – How to create the literature scaffolding of contemporary CSCW PhD research which link to foundational aspects of CSCW while pushing the CSCW research into new contemporary areas of research.

Theoretical themes include (but not limited to) Articulation work & Coordination, Classifications & Categories, Awareness & Translucence; Infrastructures & Invisible Work; Knowledge Sharing & Common Information Spaces.

Learning outcome

  • Develop CSCW research questions looking to the past and thinking about the future
  • Identify and discuss contemporary CSCW research literature directions
  • Analyze, and extend current CSCW research towards future contemporary research directions and frameworks

After the course, students will have a foundational base for developing their theoretical research framework for their CSCW thesis – which both connects to the past, while focus on future contemporary directions. 

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Robotfestival: Vilde Robotter løser vilde problemer


Vilde robotter løser vilde problemer

Robotter er en af de væsentlige teknologier i arbejdet med at løse vor tids store velfærdsproblemer.

Potentialerne er først for alvor ved at gå op for os nu, og udviklingen går stærkt. Netop disse aspekter sættes der fokus på, når der for allerførste gang afholdes robotfestival på Dokk1 i Aarhus.

  • Fredag 25.8 zoomes der ind på de forretnings- og velfærdsmæssige potentialer, når spændende robotvirksomheder, roboteksperter og kommuner fortæller og showcaser de mange muligheder, der allerede er på markedet idag, men de fortæller også om alle de muligheder, der ligger lige rundt om hjørnet.

  • Lørdag 26.8 sættes der fokus på de legende og lærende aspekter, når vi inviterer til robotoplevelser, robotleg og robotkreativitet for alle aldre.

Robotfestivalen er et samarbejde mellem ITK Aarhus Kommune, Aarhus City Lab, GovTech Midtjylland, Odense Robotics, Udenrigsministeriet, Aarhus Universitet, Dansk IT, Dokk1, DIREC – Digital Research Centre Denmark – og en række andre aktører inden for robotindustrien.

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Young Researcher Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

phd summer school

Young Researcher entrepreneurship bootcamp

Calling all young researchers in AI and data science with an interest in entrepreneurship!

Did you know that only 12-13% of PhDs end up in a tenure track academic career? The good news is that there are other exciting, fulfilling, flexible career paths, which you can shape yourself.

Join the Young Researcher Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (YREB) PhD summer school (2.5 ECTS) to grow your entrepreneurial mindset and learn how that can benefit both your current research and future career.

The course specifically leverages AI, data science, and computer science in the service of societal and environmental challenges in for instance health-tech, green-tech, manufacturing, and business. The aim is to build entrepreneurial capacity and to increase the establishment of university-based startups.

Aarhus University is the host of YREB’23.   

The programme

The themes for each of the four days are as follows:

Day 1: Explore the unknowns through design thinking.
Day 2: Develop your entrepreneurial knowledge, skills, and mindset.
Day 3: Bring an idea into praxis – customer fit and technical practicalities.
Day 4: Commercialize an idea through business model and pitch training.

The programme is co-developed by AAU, AU DTU, KU, DIREC and AI Pioneer Centre.

Target Group

We welcome PhD students and Post-doctoral researchers from computer/data related disciplines with little to no business experience from any Danish university.

What you will learn

By developing your entrepreneurial mindset you will be better able to:

  • Generate research ideas that meet an actual need and validate whether they have the potential to become a viable business.
  • Grasp the fundamentals of creating a novel startup.
  • Understand the basics of ML Ops as a prerequisite for building an AI startup.
  • Take the steering wheel in your current research and future career.
  • Cultivate innovative thinking and presentation skills.
  • Navigate how to collaborate with tech transfer and innovation officers (e.g. Investores and intellectual property (IP)).

What is in it for you?

  • 2.5 ECTS
  • Insights into ideation, ML Ops, entrepreneurial mindset, testing business ideas etc.
  • Engaging, active learning approaches.
  • Meet inspiring, like-minded individuals, entrepreneurs, and educators.
  • Being invited to pitching event at Digital Tech Summit November 8th – 9th 2023.
  • This course is free of charge.
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Webinar: Boost konkurrenceevnen med cybersikkerhed


Boost konkurrenceevnen med cybersikkerhed

Danmark hører til blandt verdens førende i brug af teknologi og digitale løsninger. Desværre er cybersikkerheden ikke helt fulgt med, og særligt SMV’erne er sårbare. Næsten hver fjerde mindre virksomhed blev ramt af hackerangreb sidste år.

Stærke kompetencer inden for cybersikkerhed er afgørende for at beskytte vores vitale, kritiske infrastrukturer, systemer og data. Men øget fokus på cybersikkerhed kan også booste virksomhedens konkurrenceevne. Det viser en rapport fra Industriens Fond.

Udover at øge virksomhedens forsvar mod IT-kriminelle, kan en virksomhed, der arbejder aktivt med cybersikkerhed også opleve er række andre fordele, som at blive mere digital, få effektiviseret forretningen og få et bedre overblik over virksomheden. Desuden er SMV’er, der har implementeret en effektiv cybersikkerhedsstrategi mere tilbøjelige til at opleve øget omsætning, større markedsandele og bedre kundetilfredshed end SMV’er, der ikke har implementeret en sådan strategi.

Deltag i webinaret, bliv klogere på cybersikkerhed og hør, hvordan I kan bruge cybersikkerhed som et konkurrenceparameter, der differentierer jer fra jeres konkurrenter og øger jeres konkurrenceevne. 


  • Nadika Bulathsinhala, projektleder i Industriens Fond
    Industriens Fonds Cyberbarometer 2022
    Nadika præsenterer resultaterne fra Industriens Fonds Cyberbarometer 2022 og fortæller om, hvordan man som virksomhed kan starte sin cybersikkerhedsrejse. 
  • Tawfiq Alashoor, Assistant Professor, CBS
    The Psychology & Economics of Privacy Decisions in the Digital Age
    Tawfiq will cover major topics in the multi-disciplinary domain of privacy starting with the basic principles of security and closing with data practices and implications at the individual, organizational, and country level. Topics related to privacy regulations, surveillance systems, social engineering, and ethics will also be touched upon briefly. The session will have more emphasis on privacy manipulation techniques that can influence employees’ privacy decisions. Such manipulation techniques may not only expose personal information assets, but also directly or indirectly expose organizational information assets which could present catastrophic security risks at the individual, organizational, and country level. The session will leave you with substantial soft knowledge and skills that will help you make informed privacy decisions. 
  • Per-Henrik Nielsen, CEO i Timelog A/S
    Per-Henrik fortæller om, hvordan Timelog A/S arbejder med cybersikkerhed som et konkurrenceparameter. 
  • Kristoffer Buch, Senior Innovation Manager, Cyber Hub


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NordiCrypt Meetup

NordiCrypt Meetup

Join the first NordiCrypt meetup at Technical University of Denmark.

NordiCrypt is a group for “IACR-style” cryptographers created by researchers from DTU, ITU and AU to promote joint networking activities for researchers in Denmark and the rest of Northern Europe. NordiCrypt is an initiative born in the larger context of DIREC.

NordiCrypt will organize one-day meetups in Denmark approximately every 3-6 months. The meetups are open to researchers from neighbouring fields, as well as neighbouring countries.

If you want to give a 20–25-minute talk about your recent work, then please also send an email to Carsten Baum with a title of your talk. 
The organizers will then put a program together.

Sign up

Send an email to Assistant Professor Carsten Baum cbaum@cs.au.dk no later than March 15th.

Registration is free, although you will have to pay for the dinner yourself.

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PhD course: Confronting Data Through Design Methods

PHD Course

Confronting Data Through Design Methods

Join this new PhD course and explore different modes of inquiry with data-applying design methods.

The focus will be on the implications for researchers working in the fields of Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Participatory Design (PD) and Critical Data Studies, but the course is open to PhD students from all areas of work and design studies.

Lectures by:

  • Majken Overgaard, who is heading CATCH known for its curatorial focus on the possibilities of imagining new technological futures as activism. She is an external lecturer at ITU and the co-founder of Korridor – a new digital art collective – investigating emerging culture and art online right now, such as blockchains, web3 and NFT.
  • James Auger, who is the director of the design department at LMF, ENS Paris-Saclay and co-director of the Centre de Recherche en Design (ENS & ENSCI). He is also an Associate Professor at RMIT (Europe). His work explores ways through which practice-based design research can lead to more considered and democratic technological futures.
  • Naja Holten Møller, who is an Associate Professor at DIKU. She is the founder of the Confronting Data Co-lab, a cooperation of scholars working and acting together in support of the stakeholders we encounter and engage with in our research, focusing on critical public technologies.

The participants gain knowledge of:

  • speculative design as a method
  • how to apply speculative design in practice,
  • and the criteria for evaluating research within this field.

The PhD course is organized by Ass. Prof. Naja L. Holten Møller and PhD fellow Trine Rask Nielsen and Kristin Kaltenhäuser from the University of Copenhagen with support from DIREC.

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VaMos 2023

VaMos 2023

17th International Working Conference on Variability Modelling of Software-Intensive Systems

VaMoS brings together researchers and practitioners to share ideas, results, and experiences about the quest for mastering variability.

Most of today’s software is made variable to allow for more adaptability and economies of scale, while many development practices (e.g., DevOps, A/B testing, parameter tuning, continuous integration) support this goal of engineering software variants.

VaMoS is the ideal venue to explore the underlying problems (automation, traceability, combinatorial explosion) and their solutions. As such, in addition to its usual call for technical research papers, VaMoS strongly supports the participation of aspiring young researchers as well as practitioners from industry.

Find more info about VaMoS

With support of the Carlsberg Foundation and DIREC, the organizers offer 10 free registrations for the VaMoS conference to motivated PhD students or postdocs that wish to attend the conference.

See how to apply for free registration

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Konference om informatikundervisningen i gymnasiet​

15.-16. november 2022

Konference om informatikundervisningen i gymnasiet

IT-Lærerforeningen, IT-vest, Aarhus Universitet, Københanvs Universitet og DIREC inviterer til  konference om informatikfaget i de danske gymnasier.

  • Få inspiration til din undervisning
  • Lær om de nyeste digitale teknologier
  • Få historier og inspiration fra erhvervslivet
  • Hør oplæg fra førende forskere indenfor området
  • Afprøv nye værktøjer og forløb til din undervisning
  • Netværk med dine fagkollegaer

Konferencen strækker sig over to dage og vil finde sted på et konferencehotel med mulighed for overnatning, centralt placeret i Danmark. Overnatning og forplejning er med i prisen.

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Digital Tech Summit 2022

25-26 OCTOBER 2022

Digital Tech Summit 2022​

Digital Tech Summit is the largest academic based technology and ­business event in the Nordic countries. Our vision is to create the leading research-based tech meeting space in the Nordic Countries in order to interact and debate the most recent discoveries, participate in matchmaking events, and generate new ideas.

Digital Tech Summit is the largest academic based technology and ­business event in the Nordic countries. Our vision is to create the leading research-based tech meeting space in the Nordic Countries in order to interact and debate the most recent discoveries, participate in matchmaking events, and generate new ideas.

Conference, exhibition, deep tech and network event

Digital Tech Summit is part conference, part exhibition and part networking event with a broad range of keynote-speakers, sessions, debates and events.

At Digital Tech Summit research and industry join forces, when over 5,000 decision-makers, CEOs, researchers, companies, engineers, students, startups, investors, policymakers and more come together to discuss and share the “what, when, how and why” of the digital technologies and transformations.

  • You can attend as a visitor, whether you are professional, hobbyist or just curious.
  • For companies we offer a large exhibition area, where you can showcase your skills.
  • Students can join the event for free to broaden both horizon and network.
  • If you are a startup, we have a dedicated startup-area, and we invite you to participate actively to maximize your output.
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Danish HCI Day 2022

13. oktober 2022

Danish HCI Day 2022

In collaboration with DIREC, Aarhus University will host a Danish HCI day on October 13, following NordiCHI in Aarhus. Everybody in the Danish HCI community is invited to participate.

The schedule is tentatively as follows:

09.15  Hello and welcome
09.30  Keynote (to be announced)
10.15   One minute-madness
11.00  Group discussions
12.00  Lunch
13.00  Rework talk (to be decided)
13.45  Group discussions continued
14.45  Coffee
15.15   Wrap-up in plenary

The plan is that all submit 1 slide and prepare to talk for 60 seconds. The work is then discussed in groups mixed of young and old from across the departments.

More details to come, but please make plans to stay in Aarhus a day longer when you register for NordiCHI 2022