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phd course

Contemporary Computer Supported Cooperative Work Research

This PhD course is for PhD students conducting their research within the areas of Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) and Human Centred Design – currently working on positioning their research theoretically to push the boundaries for the novel and contemporary research contributions in CSCW research.

Contemporary CSCW research – How to create the literature scaffolding of contemporary CSCW PhD research which link to foundational aspects of CSCW while pushing the CSCW research into new contemporary areas of research.

Theoretical themes include (but not limited to) Articulation work & Coordination, Classifications & Categories, Awareness & Translucence; Infrastructures & Invisible Work; Knowledge Sharing & Common Information Spaces.

Learning outcome

  • Develop CSCW research questions looking to the past and thinking about the future
  • Identify and discuss contemporary CSCW research literature directions
  • Analyze, and extend current CSCW research towards future contemporary research directions and frameworks

After the course, students will have a foundational base for developing their theoretical research framework for their CSCW thesis – which both connects to the past, while focus on future contemporary directions.