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phd summer school

Young Researcher entrepreneurship bootcamp

Calling all young researchers in AI and data science with an interest in entrepreneurship!

Did you know that only 12-13% of PhDs end up in a tenure track academic career? The good news is that there are other exciting, fulfilling, flexible career paths, which you can shape yourself.

Join the Young Researcher Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (YREB) PhD summer school (2.5 ECTS) to grow your entrepreneurial mindset and learn how that can benefit both your current research and future career.

The course specifically leverages AI, data science, and computer science in the service of societal and environmental challenges in for instance health-tech, green-tech, manufacturing, and business. The aim is to build entrepreneurial capacity and to increase the establishment of university-based startups.

Aarhus University is the host of YREB’23.   

The programme

The themes for each of the four days are as follows:

Day 1: Explore the unknowns through design thinking.
Day 2: Develop your entrepreneurial knowledge, skills, and mindset.
Day 3: Bring an idea into praxis – customer fit and technical practicalities.
Day 4: Commercialize an idea through business model and pitch training.

The programme is co-developed by AAU, AU DTU, KU, DIREC and AI Pioneer Centre.

Target Group

We welcome PhD students and Post-doctoral researchers from computer/data related disciplines with little to no business experience from any Danish university.

What you will learn

By developing your entrepreneurial mindset you will be better able to:

  • Generate research ideas that meet an actual need and validate whether they have the potential to become a viable business.
  • Grasp the fundamentals of creating a novel startup.
  • Understand the basics of ML Ops as a prerequisite for building an AI startup.
  • Take the steering wheel in your current research and future career.
  • Cultivate innovative thinking and presentation skills.
  • Navigate how to collaborate with tech transfer and innovation officers (e.g. Investores and intellectual property (IP)).

What is in it for you?

  • 2.5 ECTS
  • Insights into ideation, ML Ops, entrepreneurial mindset, testing business ideas etc.
  • Engaging, active learning approaches.
  • Meet inspiring, like-minded individuals, entrepreneurs, and educators.
  • Being invited to pitching event at Digital Tech Summit November 8th – 9th 2023.
  • This course is free of charge.